Hallal Food Stuff


Islam is not a mere religion. It is a way of life with rules and manners governing every facet of life. Since food is an important part of daily life, food laws carry a special significance. Muslims are expected to eat for survival, to maintain good health and not to live for eating. In Islam, eating is considered to be a matter of worship of God like prayer, fasting, alms-giving and other religious activities. A Muslim eats to maintain a strong and healthy physique in order to be able to contribute his knowledge and effort for the welfare of the society. Muslims are supposed to make an effort to obtain the best quality nutritionally. It is mentioned in a Hadith that the prayer of a person is rejected by Allah if his food is haram. Another Hadith states that hell-fire is more deserving of the flesh which has been nourished with haram.

Australia is a multicultural and multi-religious country. The problem of Halal-Haram with respect to food thus becomes an issue because some non Muslims may not understand the problems and sensitivities of the Muslims. This is compounded by the fact that Australian manufacturers are either unaware of Muslims requirements or choose to ignore them as insignificant.

It is therefore in this situation that like the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, its mother body, the Islamic Council of W.A. is endeavouring to establish the highest standards in the sanctioning of foods as Halal.


In general every food is considered lawful in Islam unless it is specially prohibited by the Qu’ran or the Hadith. By official definition, Halal foods are those that are: Free from any component that Muslims are prohibited from consuming according to Islamic law. Processed, made, produced, manufactured and/or stored using utensils, equipment and/or machinery that has been cleansed according to Islamic law. Free from contamination while prepared or processed with anything considered Najis (filthy).


Halal Sources

Products made from the following substances are Halal unless containing or come into contact with a Haram substance

All plant and their products Certified Halal meat, poultry, game birds and animals. All water creatures, fish, crustaceans and molluscs. Egg from acceptable birds only. Rennet from certified Halal slaughtered calves Non animal rennet (NAR, culture) Gelatine produced from certified Halal beef skins and/or bones, Animal ingredients certified Halal