Import and Export

The total value of imports in Pakistan have reached up to US $ 36.9 billion, as in the present world Pakistan is heavily relying on the imports because of energy crisis in the state as in the previous government they were even forced to import electricity as they shifted to rental power plants which was another burden on the national economy. The major imports of Pakistan include petroleum, petroleum products, machinery, technology, plastics, transportation equipment, edible oils, paper and paperboard, iron and steel and tea. And the major countries through which Pakistan is involved in trading and importing includes China the neighboring country which comprises of 17% of the total import, Saudi Arabia which has the share of almost 13% which mainly comprises of petroleum and its products, UAE (9.8 percent), US (4.81 percent), Kuwait (4.73 percent). This is the complete overview of the Major Imports and Exports of Pakistan as to strengthen the economy and to generate more revenue Pakistan should focus on enhancing and increasing the exports of the state and decreasing the imports. The total value of exports in Pakistan is ranging of almost US $24 billion as mainly in the exports Pakistan heavily rely on the crops. Pakistan is an agro based country so there should be no doubt that majority of the exports made by the country will be concerning the agriculture sector.Oranges, mangoes, furniture, cottonfiber, cement, tiles, marble, textiles, clothing, goods, sports goods (renowned for footballs), Cutlery, surgical instruments, leather goods including belts and shoes, electrical appliances, software, carpets, rugs, ice cream, white and red meat, chicken, milk, wheat, seafood (especially shrimp/prawns), vegetables, processed food items and sports goods. But mainly the export of Pakistan circulates around the agriculture based produces like rice, maize and fruits. The main country where Pakistan is involved in trading includes United States (17%), UAE (14%), and Afghanistan (9%).